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Make Your Spring Towing an Enjoyable Experience

Towing your favorite toys to your fun-filled destination can be a lot of fun. It can be even more fun if you get there safely. Stop at Honda West in Las Vegas, NV and have us check out your vehicle, trailer and accessories to make sure everything is in working condition before hitting the road. Here are some safety tips to follow regardless of what you’re towing:

  • Drive safely and avoid heavy braking
  • Do not tailgate
  • Use extended side mirrors
  • Make sure all lights and signals are working correctly
  • Do not overload the trailer
  • Make sure trailer hitch fits…
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Car Differential Guide: Want to Upgrade?

Did you know that your car can be upgraded to all-wheel drive just by changing the differential? Your car's differential helps supply power to the driveshaft in order to make your wheel axles turn. If you have ever experienced a lock-up of your axle or an inability to drive forward, it may be because your differentials need maintenance.

Differentials need an oil change, too! These parts typically wear down their lubrication at 30,000 to 50,000 miles. 

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Discover the Importance of Your Cabin and Engine Filters

Why do drivers get their air filters replaced? If you asked this question, know that you are in good company. Many drivers are not completely aware of all the benefits that a clean air filter provides.

In the case of an engine filter, it will guarantee that your vehicle's motor is not getting overflown with dust, dirt, or minor rocks/bugs. The cabin air filters, on the other hand, are the ones we have to thank for dust or pollutant-free rides that make breathing inside of your car a more pleasant experience. 

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Get Your Brakes Serviced by Professionals

When was the last time you had your vehicle's brakes inspected and serviced by a professional? If it has been more than 12 months or 12,000 miles, it is definitely time for your brakes to get a routine checkup.

Here at Honda West in sunny Las Vegas, our staff is trained to take care of any services your braking system may need. We can quickly tell you if it is time to change out the braking fluid, diagnose the reason for the brake warning light on your dashboard, and help fix that annoying grinding noise you might be…

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An Urgent Reminder About Your Car’s Belts and Hoses

Your vehicle's engine is equipped with a complex system of hoses and belts that keep it running and reliable. Hoses connect components and transfer vital fluid or vacuum pressure. Belts wrap around pulleys and power components such as the water and power steering pumps, alternator, cooling fan, air conditioning unit, and several others. Over time, the rubber material in hoses and belts can deteriorate due to temperature extremes and mileage wear and tear. 

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Respect Others on the Roadway by Moving Over When Needed

If you see an emergency vehicle of some kind pulled over at the side of the road in front of you, you should switch lanes and move out of their way. No matter where you are going and how much of a hurry you are in, you should respect others by moving over and giving them space.

If someone is pulled over and they have their flashers on at the side of the road, you should check for cars and then switch lanes to give them more space. If a police officer has pulled someone over in front of you…

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Keep Your Oil in Check

You do not necessarily need to change your oil every 3,000 miles like it has been a rule of thumb for so long. With the motor oils that we have today, you can actually go a lot longer without having to get your oil changed as frequently. Our staff in Las Vegas is eager to guide you and your vehicle to a better maintenance schedule with ease!

You can probably get your oil change every 7,500 miles and save yourself a lot of money by not having to get your oil changed as often. Always be sure to…

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Why Inspecting Tire Tread is Important

Neglect checking the treads on your car tires and you could be risking more than money on a set of new tires. The warning signs of tire trouble are obvious, you just need to know what to look for. The Honda West service team here in Las Vegas, NV can help.

One thing that should be obvious are worn or bare spots on the tire tread. This is a problem because not only will your vehicle have trouble gripping the road, it can be much harder to come to a complete stop in an emergency situation. 

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Travel With Food for Friends This Holiday Season

Travel gets serious during the holidays. Millions of people pack up and head out on the highways. They also travel short distances to buy products and services. People also travel with food and other goodies during the holiday season. Here are several ideas from the Honda West team for traveling with food that can keep your holiday traveling fun and enjoyable.

  1. Box up your food supplies. Make sure that your box has a secure flap at the bottom. Make sure to pad the contents on the inside of your boxes.
  2. Make sure beverages and other supplies have an extra tight…
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Going for a Trip? Advance Planning is the Secret to Success

A decent road trip across the country once in awhile brings unparalleled excitement, breaking our usual monotony of life. Without advance preparation, however, we end up pumping into unexpected challenges that steal away the excitement. So what do you do? The Honda West sales team wants to share a few tips with you today to make your winter excursions go off without a hitch.

The first thing is ensuring you pass by a dealership like ours in Las Vegas, where we will give your car a thorough check-up to reduce any risk of breaking down. 

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