With its largest update in nearly a decade, the 2023 Honda CR-V is one of the most hotly-anticipated new models available at our Las Vegas Honda dealer. And in addition to finding the new 2023 Honda CR-V on the lot at Honda West to take home today, we’ll get you behind the wheel for a test drive so you can see all the updates in action!

Bold New Design

If you loved the previous Honda CR-V in concept but found the design to be a bit overzealous, the 2023 Honda CR-V might just be your perfect up of tea. Refined styling reduces the sharp angles and simplifies the overall look to give it more elegance and a timeless feel. You’ll still get LED headlights, but the narrowed look features a single slash line trailing from the hood to the front fender, while the larger grille gets an oversized honeycomb insert and no harsh dividing lines or piano black trim pieces breaking up the design.

Improved Interior

In addition to both the passenger area and cargo space getting improvements for the 2023 Honda CR-V, you’ll also find refined design and materials improvements over the previous generation as well. For example, the air vents are now disguised by a honeycomb trim panel that spans the dash, while the driving position has been carefully considered to provide comfort even on longer drives.

A Performance Bump

The turbocharged four-cylinder engine under the hood of the new Honda CR-V delivers 190 horsepower and 179 pound-feet of torque, while the new 2.0-liter turbo-hybrid setup offers a combined 204 horsepower and 247 pound-feet of torque.

Visit Our Dealership Today!

The much-anticipated 2023 Honda CR-V is available now at Honda West. Pay us a visit to take one for a test drive today!