Travel With Food for Friends This Holiday Season

Travel gets serious during the holidays. Millions of people pack up and head out on the highways. They also travel short distances to buy products and services. People also travel with food and other goodies during the holiday season. Here are several ideas from the Honda West team for traveling with food that can keep your holiday traveling fun and enjoyable.

  1. Box up your food supplies. Make sure that your box has a secure flap at the bottom. Make sure to pad the contents on the inside of your boxes.
  2. Make sure beverages and other supplies have an extra tight and secure lid. It’s easy for food containers to spring a leak and spill over car seats.
  3. Make sure your vehicle is in good running condition. The last thing you’ll want to experience is being stranded in a grocery store parking lot or the road traveling to or from a destination.

Our dealership hopes that it will be a fun and safe holiday for you and your family.