Why Inspecting Tire Tread is Important

Neglect checking the treads on your car tires and you could be risking more than money on a set of new tires. The warning signs of tire trouble are obvious, you just need to know what to look for. The Honda West service team here in Las Vegas, NV can help.

One thing that should be obvious are worn or bare spots on the tire tread. This is a problem because not only will your vehicle have trouble gripping the road, it can be much harder to come to a complete stop in an emergency situation. Cracks in the tire tread could be signs of a defective tire or something that needs to be looked at by the service professionals. If the tread has separated from the tire, this is one of those situations you must get to the Honda service center before tire failure on the highway.

At our Honda dealership in Las Vegas, we hope that you will let our team have a chance to give your car tires a complete inspection so we can tell you how much life is left in them.