A Closer Look at Honda ACE™ Body Structure

One reason that Las Vegas drivers like you will appreciate the new Honda collection is for the increased safety that they provide. This is in large part due to the sophisticated technologies that are incorporated into mechanical systems and available through the Honda Sensing® Suite. However, it all starts with ACE™ Body Structure. Short for Advanced Compatibility Engineering™, this intelligent design is exclusive to the brand and puts the well-being of you and your passengers first.

Honda engineers developed ACE™ Body Structure by using research about different accident scenarios gathered from their crash test facilities in both the United States and Japan. By applying this knowledge to fortify vehicular composition, the automaker can ensure that their models are better equipped to withstand impact forces. For instance, the front frame is designed in such a way that it absorbs and deflects frontal collision energy to keep the occupant chamber safe.

ACE™ Body Structure is thus a reliable line of defense. That is why our team at Honda West wants you to choose Honda the next time you intend to purchase or lease a car. After all, we want you to have peace of mind on your travels.